Random Bystander ‘O’ Table

As I mentioned in my ‘For the Love of Tables’ post here is my Random Bystander Hit table, or as I like to call it, ‘Random Bystander ‘O’ Table’. It worked pretty well in tandem with my Chase Table that had all the obstacles that block the Players path.

RollRandom Bystander Effect
1Goblin Mime takes a shot in the shoulder, pin wheels and mimes a scream.
2Errand boy takes two in the chest, blood squirts out as he falls to the floor.
3A Fruit stall gets peppered with shots as its owner ducks for cover.
4A Nobles litter gets hit, the bearers drop it as they look for cover and a fat Lady Noble falls out.
5A Camel gets hit and goes down in a heap of thrashing legs.
6An Orc guard gets hit by lots of rounds spinning him round in the process.
7An old Man gets hit in the head.
8A fat Bullywug in tight full body studded leather gets hit in the butt.
9A pot seller ducks as his wares explode around him.
10A fire eater gets hit mid way through his act, setting him ablaze as his runs down the street.
11An Elf minstrels lute is hit mid note.
12A slave coffle gets hit, some are down others dragging them on the chains as they try to flee.
13A horse gets hit throwing its owner.
14A pair of red robed women are wounded and bleeding in the street.
15Player hit by a ricoche.
16A wine sellers stall gets hit and blood red wine pools across the street.
17 – 20The Cult of Bray (Mad Demon Cultists) memebers get hit. A riot is starting and anyone in sight is likley to get attacked.
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