Welcome to Crafty DM

Welcome brave souls to the Crafty DM site. Here we will delve into the world of RPG’s and all the cool stuff that goes with it. We will look at dice, minis and books that relate to the hobby that is RPG. The main focus is on D&D 5E but that’s not to say we will not be talking about other games or even other mediums as the months and years go by.

No Dice

About Dice.

The first thing to understand is that we love Dice! The Crafty DM can never get enough of dice. When a friend of the DM suggested using virtual dice in a zoom game the DM said no, never, not on your nelly. The look the feel and the roll of real dice just can’t be replaced by clicking a button. The DM even has a set of traveling dice when he goes to work. Just in case he needs to roll something up.

About Mini’s

Secondly, the DM loves mini’s, buying them painting them and gathering hordes of them. The DM is not the worlds best painter but after many years of work he make a fair job of it. The hope of the DM is that he can build a solid list of sites and company’s that sell a vast range of models. From the classic fantasy to the weird and wonderful.

About the Rest…

Dice and RPG are the main focus of the site but as afore mentioned we will be meandering about the whole theme. And we may take some sideroads around the dice and RPG topic. One such tangent will be point click adventures. Its got no dice and RPG element but they are maybe the nearest computer game equivalent to the RPG game. Having recently got a Switch the DM has found this lost format of game is still alive and well.

Sit back and I hope you enjoy reading this as much as the DM does creating it.