All About The DM.

This page is a brief overview of how the Crafty DM came to be involved in RPG and what has influenced him over the years he has been adventuring.

RPG Origin Story.

As a young lad the DM spent much of his time watching TV. In the 80’s the televisual landscape was very different from now. No streaming, no internet and no on demand services. The DM’s first step into the realms of fantasy was the classic Dungeons and Dragons cartoon.

no D&D ride

It enraptured him with it’s magic and tales of hero’s in a strange land. Also it was a very human story, kids trying to get home but every week having to put others before themselves. Eric he decided was the best character, that little selfish voice in all of us. The weekly adventures of the gang feed his growing passion for the world of myth and legend.

The Big One.

With the stage set along came a film that would forever cement his path to RPG gaming. Ralph Bakski’s Lord of the Rings was a revelation to the young DM. With its grand themes and dark undertones it was the single biggest influence of his RPG life. The rotoscoped orcs were villainous, the Nazgul were creepy and the Hobbits were cute. Even after all these years he can still watch it.

The RPG Star is Born.

First came Warhammer, amazing miniatures and wild backstory’s abounded. The DM loved to paint and read the tales of the models he had, or wanted to have. In time he found his first RPG. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. A grim world with tough characters and a simple ruleset based on the wargame. After that came the true love of his RPG life. AD&D 2nd edition. It had it all, great characters and flexible rules. Beyond that he played other games like Cyberpunk 2020 or Rifts. But always D&D would be the one he came home to.

The Tale Continues

And that brings us to now sort of. He still loves to play a good RPG. The older DM does not have as much time as once he did to sit down and adventure but he still does when he can. He has even started to run adventures for his little DM’s. Brave little adventures of the future.