Space Rollers

The Space Rollers dice set were given to me for my last birthday .

Space Roller no dice
Classy Sci-Fi dice

My wife clearly noticed I had been looking at buying them. They are a great addition to my dice bag and here is why. Firstly there are far to few nice sci fi themed dice out there. Or at least the ones I have found have been too few. Secondly they are great dice of a very high standard.

In this review I will tell you how they roll, how they look and if they were good value for the money paid.

Space Rollers – Dice Review

This very distinct dice set is available on In a range of colour combos you should be able to get something to suit. But they are not cheap! Be warned.

Cost Vs Cool

Space Rollers cost me £15.99 from Amazon. Or rather they cost my wife that. So they are pretty steep for a set of six D6. But the workmanship and style is what you are paying for. As they are not made of metal or gemstone etc it is defiantly the style you are shelling out for. And they do have a very unique style to them and are very well made. With the strong contrast of the black and electric blue the Space Rollers stand out at any table. With the very distinct sci-fi with circuit board style markings I like them for Cyberpunk 2020 (or Cyberpunk Red). Shadowrun or S.L.A Industries or any of the many StarWars RPGs would also be a good fit for these dice. With this all in mind I would give them top marks on style and cool value .Look and feel 5 stars. 

Rolling the Dice

I have been working on a method to test how well balanced the dice I review are. At the moment I have found it to be an tricky process and have had to settle for rolling 100 times and then seeing how much variation there is on the rolls. A better method will come to me in time. But for now this one will suffice. The Space Rollers did pretty well with a good mix of results. For how they roll I give them 4 stars.

Space Rollers Final Thought

A very cool looking set of dice. They are well made and well weighted. Overall marks for the Space Rollers is 5 stars.

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